What is the OCR Full Form in Computer

Today we know about the full form of OCR in computer or meaning of OCR in Computer. We know about the uses of OCR and its features in Computer.

What is the OCR Full Form in Computer

In Computer, the full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. SO means optical and C means Character and R mean Recognition. In the computer, there is also known as an optical character reader.

The optical character reader is used in scanning documents, it has been designed to convert scanned documents or the Image can be read in electronic version with text.

For Example, if we can scan any photo or paper documents in a printer. So the printer creates a file with a digital image in it. The file can be in the form of JPG, PNG, PDF. But the new file is still only an image of the original documents. So we can load these scanned electronic documents created that contain the image into the OCR program. So the OCR program recognizes the text and converts the document as readable.

The scanned page can be displayed on a screen we can read easily. OCR the text of scanned documents translates the character into code which makes the text machine-readable.

These documents can be transformed in the form of soft copies.it can be created by a word processor, so the user can format and edit Search and Read.it also helps computers in many ways it recognizes on a scanned page by using because of optical properties of words and character on the scanned document.

An OCR is a device that is made up of two things, Hardware as well as software. Which converts the document files or documents into readable text. In OCR the hardware, copies and reads the text and software which dealing with processing and is also used in artificial intelligence and intelligent character recognition.

How OCR Works

  • The OCR processing and scanned the digital image of documents when we locate and recognizing the character.
  • When the documents are scanned then the software analyzes its structure and converts them into the colored version it may be black and white dots. The scanned document will be examined for light and dark areas.
  • In OCR, the dark area is identified as a charter and the light area is identified as background. These two areas have different functions.
  • So the dark area is identified as a character, it helps to analyze the letter or numeric digits. These lines are divided into words, these words convert into characters. In OCR, the dark area represents the letter or number, it may be a particular letter or number.
  • So when the Charters are singled out and identified it is converted into ASCII (American standard code information interchange)  code that code be used by computer systems and solve the further manipulation, and we present recognized text.

So OCR software have Various techniques but Basically, it analyzes one character and word of text at a time it identifies character with help of two algorithms. There are the following two algorithms.

a) Pattern Recognition
b) Feature Detection
a) Pattern Recognition: The OCR software is developed by feeding it has text with different fonts and formats. If we want to understand the form or pattern of characters, so we identify them correctly.

b) Feature Detection: It is the technique, the OCR program believes the features of Characters or digits or numbers. The feature may be included the number of angled lines, crossed lines, or curves in a character. For Example, the letter A may be stored two lines are attached or connected at a center and also joined at the end.

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