Motu Patlu Cartoon

Welcome to the Furfuri Nagar the colourful world of ”Motu Patlu”the most loved Animated cartoon of little kids and families. This Animated video has different characters lovable, Comedy-type shows, and funny stories that make laugh, entertain the little kids. Th

These characters are created by the famous popular Harvind Makkad. Nowadays this Show is a favorite cartoon of children and a popular comic show in India. This Animated show is available in different languages Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangali, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Motu Patlu character

It is the main character, a funny character in this show He is very fatty and short in height and loves to eat. His favorite food which is somosa when he eats gets a powerful energy. When Motu is in trouble eats samosa to help people and friends.

It is another character from the Motu Patlu show. He is Motus’s best friend very intelligent and sensible. When Motu is in any trouble Patlu helps and thinks of solutions for this problem and fixes it easily.

When there was a problem Patlu said cool, help Motu in difficult problems. He is the main character of this comedy show and has different roles.

Inspector B. Chingum: is the funny character in the Cartoon show. he is the police in charge of Furfuri Nagar. the main role is to protect people from thrives, and other criminals.

he talks in funny ways Hindi and English, mixing words in different ways. Inspector B. Chingum has different dialogues, very popular for these dialogues. His friends help the police to catch bad people thieves etc.

Doctor Jhatka: He is the scientist and doctor of Furfuri Nagar. He is doing experiments in the laboratory and makes different types of Gadgets. but sometimes they cause funny problems. When Motu Patlu faces problems through gadgets Dr. Jatka helps his friends.

Boxer: He is a boxer of Furfuri Boxer and wears a red glove for boxing. He is aggressive some sometimes fights with Common people.

John: He is not a good man in this show have a different role. He wants to be Don or the boss of Furfuri Nagar but he fails in his plan. His character is funny and talks in funny ways. He is fat and wearing colourful clothes blue shirt and yellow undershirt wearing gold chains and rings.

He is scared of Motu Patlu because he failed the plan of John. he steals the Gold, jewelry, and money of common people but Inspector B. Chingum fails the plans of John.

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