What is the Full Form NGO

NGOs work in different fields such as Health welfare for education, women welfare and help to poor people, and also help disabled people, etc. so the NGO funds which come from different companies come from the public or from the government there are different foundations to denote money.

What is the Full Form NGO

The Full Form of NGO or meaning of NGO is Non- Governmental Organization. SO N stands for Non, G stands for Governmental and O stands for any Organization. An NGO is a non-profit group that functions independently, it is known as a social society.

What is an NGO

NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization is a type of voluntary group which helps to solve a problem of society, poor family those families which suffers from the financial problem, children’s, women’s welfare, etc.

NGO’s work for our society and help to poor and betterment for our social economy. Because there is poverty in India and many peoples are poor and disabled. Because of this, NGOs help disabled people and poor society.

The NGO is an organization that is not a governmental, not a conventional profit business.it is set up of local citizens of our society which makes this organization for those people which are financially weak communities.

NGO is organized by a community based it may be on a city level, state level, national level, international level. In these communities, there are different businessmen and other citizens who Run Non-government Organizations.

NGO’s groups are private groups that are helpful and support poor people these are some private groups that help the people in contracting housing, bathrooms, giving food, etc.

How NGO works

So NGO works in India it depends on their own rules and policies and rule and regulations and depends on their reasons.it depends on the NGO society who runs the NGOs.it is non-profit or profit-sharing companies

Features of Non-Governmental organization

  • NGOs are a voluntary organization that is created with the help of common people or common society.
  • NGOs are non-profit company or organization which helps to developments in social welfare, grow the economy of countries such as education, children, and women’s welfare.
  • NGOs create their own funds. They often collect funds from the public. Some NGOs are financed by their own private business organization.
  • Some NGOs play important role in education which helps the students provide books, computers, food, etc. mostly in rural area and rural schools. Example Infosys which is the foundation that helps the school it is a company.
  • Some NGOs conduct a various program for youth and bring their youth talent.
  • Some NGOs help to prevent and protect animals.
  • Some NGOs help the poor people in rural areas. Which helps to construct houses this organization provide to peoples in Toilet, housing, other services, etc
  • Some NGOs have programs that help people during floods, earthquakes, etc. these services are provided when there are some changes in natural climate.
  • NGOs play a vital role to protect the environment they take some steps for the protection of the environment such as the prevention of water pollution, air pollution, etc. example NASA Foundation.

These are the features of NGOs there are many NGOs that works have different fields. Which helps the common people in many ways for development and the Stability of poor people.